Weather Guard Tool Box Keys Cut to Codes K001-K100


If your lock does not look like the lock pictured this is not your key. It is a dull red not the bright red extreme lock.  If your key code is not in the series K001-K100 this is not your key.  If your key code is within K750-K799 purchase the other listing. 

Weather Guard Red Push Button (Not Extreme Model) TOOL BOX Trademarked Red Push Button Lock on Saddle Boxes, Cross Boxes, Lo-Side and Super-Lo Side Boxes, and Pork Chop Boxes manufactured prior to 2005 using codes:

Codes: K001-K100

You are purchasing 2 keys. Put your key code in the box below.

This is a single sided key.

  • Model: RA4
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0625lbs

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