Can-AM Logo Red Motorcycle Spyder Trike Transponder Key

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Fits many models including the following

2008- 2013 Can-AM Spyder GS/RS/RT

Using codes: 8001-9554

Contact a local locksmith in your area that can cut and CLONE your working/original key to this key.  Cost of cutting and cloning is the buyers responsibility. This key cannot be programmed to your trike by any means. 

I can clone these keys.  I will clone each key for additional $10.00. You must send me your key.  I highly discourage sending your only key.  Contact me 1st at

Nickel plated brass with a Red plastic head. Same groove pattern on both sides. Can be cut using a standard key machine. Contact your local locksmith.

ILCO/Silca: ZD23RT5

JMA: TP00Z-9.P

We can cut this key to your code for an additional $6.95 per key. Insert your key code in the box below. If your key code is not listed in the code series above, e-mail your code to us so we can verify it. Not all codes are available.

  • Model: Red Logo
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0625lbs

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