Can-AM Motorcycle Spyder Trike Transponder Key

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Fits many models including the following

2008- 2013 Can-AM Spyder GS/RS/RT

Using codes: 8001-9554

Contact a local locksmith in your area that can cut and CLONE your working/original key to this key.  Cost of cutting and cloning is the buyers responsibility. This key cannot be programmed to your trike by any means. 

I can also cut and clone these keys.  I will clone each key for additional $10.00.  You must send me your key. Contact me 1st at
Nickel plated brass with a Blue plastic head. Same groove pattern on both sides. Can be cut using a standard key machine. Contact your local locksmith.

ILCO/Silca: ZD23RT5

JMA: TP00Z-9.P

We can cut this key to your code for an additional $6.95 per key. Insert your key code in the box below. You must have the key CLONED before it will operate the trike. If your key code is not listed in the code series above, e-mail your code to us so we can verify it. Not all codes are available.

  • Model: ZD23RT5
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0625lbs

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